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10 Most Polpuler Tourist Attractions In Indonesia

For the tourists who have no idea what the most cool places, activities and attractions in Indonesia are, is a top10 TODO with the ten most beautiful parts of a trip or vacation to Indonesia below:

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1) Borobudur Temple (Central Java)
One of the most popular sights in Indonesia is the Borobudur temple complex. This beautiful temple is located in Central Java, in the province of Magelang. The temple was built in the 8th century, destroyed several times by natural force, and rebuilt several times. If you visit cities like Yogyakarta and Semarang, then a visit to the Borobudur definitely worth it. One tip is to travel as early as possible to the temple. You can even the best close to the temple overnight (it's viz. About 2 hours drive from Yogya), so you are fast at the complex. The temple is indeed also very popular with Indonesians themselves, and in the course of the morning come daily busloads of local tourists at the temple. Want to enjoy at your leisure and visit the complex in peace, then so travel to the temple early in the morning. There are several travel agencies active in the Netherlands who visit the temple complex have included in their itinerary. Below an impression:

2) Prambanan Temple (Central Java)
This huge temple complex is located just outside the center of the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java. Along with the Borobudur Prambanan is one of the most beautiful attractions of Indonesia. It is a complex hinoistisch; with several large temples. Is the most recent earthquake (2006) there is much damage to some buildings. The whole is now again restored by experts. The entire complex contains the Prambanan also several other 'Candi's. We found these smaller temples (although candi Sewu also is huge) is also worth a visit; there's an almost magical atmosphere. Prambanan is a Unesco World Heritage Site. View a homemade movie of our visit to the temple complex below:

3) Ulun Danu Bratan temple Bali

This beautiful temple is located in the town of Bedugul. Because the temple is about 1400 meters altitude it is always nice and cool. The entrance to visit the complex is 3300Rp. The temple is located on a crater once between three big mountains; Mangu in the east, to the south and Terati Pohan in the west. The temple you see are all from a distance. It seems that the temple has already been restored as nearly all modern reproach., However, this does not mean that it's a must-see when you visit the island of Bali. Next to the temple is a kind of park where you can have as much fun walking. See below a short video impression.

4) Candi Arjuna and the Dieng Plateau
Candi Arjuna is a beautiful temple complex on the Dieng Plateau in Java. It is an old complex, much older than Prambanan and Borobudur (7th and 8th centuries). We found this very impressive complex, especially because you have a tremendous view. Furthermore, it was very quiet and cool, and that is always nice. Near the temple you have several sulfur springs where you can well experience the volcanic activity up close. Below is a short impression of Candi Arjuna:

5) Dolphins off the coast of Lovina (Bali)
In the north of the island of Bali lies the small village of Lovina. Unlike villages in the south of Bali Lovina hangs in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The village is known for spotting dolphins. Offshore dolphins often swim around, chances are you encounter them. It is best early in the morning to find the dolphins go. You will be woken up early, and then goes into a small boat out to sea. Is if you are lucky, soon joined by a group of dolphins (but it can always be against you, you may encounter with these magnificent creatures do not guarantee). Besides the dolphins also asked once again enjoy the morning sunrise of the most beautiful Bali.

6) Sumatra
Sumatra, the westernmost island of Indonesia. The extreme west of the island lies near Southern Thailand. Sumatra is a beautiful island, you will find many authentic villages, volcanoes, vast jungles, and many rare species. A nice highlight of the island of Sumatra is the Gunung Leuser National Park, where you can get acquainted with the Sumatran Orang Utan. Another highlight is a visit to Samosir peninsula in Lake Toba. The beautiful (and regularly misty) near Samosir seems to just come out of a fairy tale. In West Sumatra you will find the Minangkabau, an authentic and traditional population of Indonesia. The town of Bukittinggi is the centerpiece of this population. You in the vicinity of this town trips. The area is dominated by several large volcanoes; Aman, Singgalang and Merapi. Beautiful cities like Medan, Padang and Pelambang, which often serve as a base for several wonderful trips and where you can eat.

7) Komodo Island
There is only one reason to visit the island of Komodo; the Komodo Dragon. This is a huge lizard species that you will encounter alone on this island (and the adjacent small island of Rinca). Komodo is a mountainous island, which lies between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa. Komodo is part of the so-called. Sunda archipelago, along with the islands of Lombok, Gili and Flores. The Komodo Dragon is the largest reptile on earth, and can be three meters long and weigh. More than 100 pounds Will you when you visit the island is always accompanied by a guide, he tells all about the island and the lizard, and takes you on a trip around the island. The chance of a Komodo Dragon watching is incidentally greater on Rinca than on Komodo. You can take a trip to the island of books from the Netherlands, there are also some travel agents who have been visiting the island taken within one of the tours.

8) The capital Jakarta
Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It is the most populous city in the country, with a population over 10 million people in the metropolis. Jakarta is located on the west side of the island of Java. Notable landmarks in Jakarta include a visit to the Monas (Monas), the old port of Sunda Kelapa, the open Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta Zoo, the Chinese district of Glodok (Chinatown) and Sea World. Jakarta is full of modern shopping malls. As in many large cities in Asia is shopping center among the population. Although the locals often remains in Indonesia with window shopping, it is primarily a central meeting place. In Jakarta you can find more than 100 shopping centers, including Senayan City is one of the most famous and popular is.

9) Bunaken National Park
Bunaken National Park is a nature park along the island of Sulawesi, north of the city of Manado. Bunaken is known by many divers and biologists for its beautiful coral reefs, which is about 50 meters off the island very steep expire (up to 200 meters). Because tourism in North Sulawesi not really underway, and because this area is also not just visited by tourists, the area has remained reasonably well preserved. The same applies to the coral, it is still in good condition. Manado is known to the real dive enthusiasts around the city you will find several diving schools and accommodation. The Bunaken can be found regularly in magazines within the top 10 best diving destinations in the world.

10) Pura Tirta Empul Temple
This beautiful temple is about 40 minutes drive from Ubud in central Bali. It is a beautiful temple; but the real attraction is the hot sulfur water source that spits up in the pond. It looks beautiful. Pay

Mysteries Of The Egyptian Pyramid Unsolved

Pyramid word, Grekçe the "fire" that means "pyro" and "center" that means "amide" consisting of the word, ie, "central fire" and that the pyramids really in the world in the center is considered.
When talking about the Pyramids of Egypt and the world's seven wonders of the pyramid are three that come to mind when considered within. However, these pyramids when discussing the most prominent pyramids, the kingdom's fourth dynasty, the second emperor of the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu's, scientific evidence according to the mausoleum in the BC 2560't built by the Great Pyramid is, or in other words, the Great Pyramid is.

These three pyramids is a complete masterpiece of technical expertise and engineering capabilities. Placement, construction giant sizes, made of limestone blocks used size and weight, the mysteries they hide inside is amazing.

Mysteries Of The Egyptian Pyramid Unsolved

Below is some mysteries of the Egypt pyramids
  • * Each of the 20 tons of stone were built and these stones can be obtained from the closest is hundreds of miles away.
  • * This set is not known how the stones.
  • * Pyramid has been made on behalf of whom, in his room where twice a year the sun enters (the days where he was born and came to the throne).
  • * The Mummy radioactive substance is present; 12 scientists who first discovered mummies have died from cancer.
Mysteries Of The Egyptian Pyramid Unsolved
  • * Pyramid in the ultra-Sountina, radar, sonar devices like do not work.
  • * Pyramid of the house cool in summer, warm in the winter will be.
  • * Passes out of the Pyramid default meridian, land and sea is divided into two parts exactly equal.
  • * Pyramid in the milk remains fresh for a few days and then it becomes yogurt without any deterioration.
  • * Pyramid released into the water after waiting for five weeks is used as face lotion.
  • * Polluted water, if you leave a few days into the pyramid, as you'll find in purified water.
  • * A billion multiplied by the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza is approximately the distance between the earth and sun gives.
  • * Pyramid is a perfect spot geodetic orientation. Through triangulation appears to the eye can be measured in all the land of Napoleon's scholars have determined.
  • * Pyramid of both the sphere and the flat surface of the volume can be calculated.
  • * Plants will grow more quickly in the pyramid.
  • * To base perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Giza, height divided by two times pi serve.
  • * Leftovers in the garbage cans emit no odor is mummified in a pyramid
  • * Cuts, burns, abrasions inside a pyramid wounds tend to heal more quickly.
  • * Pyramid in some of the rooms there is no information about what happened. Or lost in the majority of researchers in the same place, or see inside, but they were just a few laps.
  • * Pyramid hear the Orion constellation as it appears in the M.Ö.10500 year terms and are built with one to one approach ...
  • * Pyramid of the normal rectangular base side length of 365.342 Corn ellwhat corresponds. This number is equal to the number of days of tropical solar year.
  • * Three Pyramids of Giza Based on the geometric and observational principles have been built according to a plan and this plan is suggested that based on direct astronomical observations.
  • * Some Rose-Cross and mason schools, the Great Pyramid represents the degree they believe in the rite.
  • * Pyramid's construction plan frequently encountered 286.1022 count the number of keys is considered, since the number of sun and stars in the value of the sun and Earth, the distance between the Earth and the orbit by the relationship between the law of gravity and the earth's orbit centrifugal change the limits of detection allows for .
Mysteries Of The Egyptian Pyramid Unsolved

Preparation of the Egyptian Pyramids - Construction of

Theory 1 Preparation of the Egyptian Pyramids
According to the scientific tradition, the Great Pyramid was built 20 years; First, a city made of stone blocks were moved and stacked. The surface is believed to have studied for a long time to straighten. But the placement of blocks which have not yet understood, several theories are being produced; According to a theory of the spiral ramp was removed and placed on top of the stone blocks. The ramp is covered mud, watering and stone blocks could be shifted by pushing. According to Herodotus wrote this ramp construction took 10 years.

Mysteries Of The Egyptian Pyramid Unsolved

Theory 2 of the Egyptian Pyramids Construction
According to another theory, the stone blocks would be removed with a giant lever. According to another belief, the first foundations were dug (by hand by 100,000 workers), then cut them moved two blocks of two million tonnes (100,000 manually by workers), and finally lined up in a row. An outer coating of the surface to be smooth, but I think we made the sun, chlorine, exhaust and wear down the outer coating has sandstorms. In fact, the stepped pyramids, but is believed to be constructed in the form of a flat surface.

Theory 3 Preparation of the Egyptian Pyramids
Used in the construction of the pyramid rock brought from the opposite shore of the river Nile, near Cairo from limestone, granite was moved from the Assuan. Roughly carved granite blocks, cylinders and brought here on the river barges pulled pyramid was moved to the nearest cargo jetty. Blocks of Pyramid furnished with granite gate piers, wood was transported on rollers instead of pulling. Stone blocks and persons with which their names were authors on the stone with a red dye. These articles can also be read today. Very smooth stones in a way that was treated with copper tools.

Mysteries Of The Egyptian Pyramid Unsolved

General Information About the Pyramid
Robe, also known as the Egyptian pyramids, and the most ancient of the kings of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom (Pharaoh) great monumental edifices built on top of graves. Central and South America, the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas similar structures have been made by the Egyptian pyramids are but true. Pyramisa derived from the Greek word usually stone or brick in the pyramid is used. The burial chamber which mostly sits on top of the pyramid was carved into the rock.

By the end of the 2nd dynasty of the Old Kingdom period (about İ.Ö.1650) kings and nobles were buried in the tomb, called mast-ba. Mastaba are rectangular and inwardly inclined side walls with a flat top surface; They were more a truncated pyramidal mausoleum. 3rd dynasty period (İ.Ö.2650-2575) was used in the royal tombs of stone. The first pyramid, in this period, in Saqqara near Cairo was made by the famous architect Imhotep. Designed for King Zoser and placed on top of the mausoleum consists of six mastabas were called to the Step Pyramid.

Mysteries Of The Egyptian Pyramid Unsolved
Presentation of a gift to the king died a holy temple, and additional structures, including the Step Pyramid is surrounded by a large wall. 60 meters in height and made from limestone that is one of the most beautiful monuments of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Structure of land extending into the bottom of the king and some nobles in the 11th passage of pink granite and Albatre (alabaster) has made sarcophagus. However, these sarcophagi, because these people previously robbed was found mummified bodies. It is believed that many more made in the area of the pyramid. In 1953 he completed another Saqqara step pyramid 3rd dynasty era have been found in the ruins.

Napoleon in Egypt in 1798 when soldiers in front of the pyramids; "Soldiers, forty centuries are looking at us from the top of the pyramid," he said.

7 Wonders of the only evidence is still living; so, the historians or bards do not ever need to define it as wonderful. Image, size and shape of the structure with the incredible beauty of the majestic giant. Great Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops-Pyramid still stands tall against time and insists on not to disappear. The most wonderful mix of people this; Located at the top of the list only ancient Giza Pyramids of Cheops there, but two other large pyramids. In this case, "Egyptian Pyramids" is used as a general term is not correct passes.

All three pyramid was looted most of their belongings were lost in the interior. Kings in the 5th and 6th dynasties (2465-2150 BC) many pyramids of Giza and Abu Shira began to build. Of the kings of the 11th and 12th dynasties (2130-1756 BC) more pyramids dahs, Apostle and was found in al-Lahun. After this period, noble tomb was used as an end to the construction of the pyramids. Egyptian kings of the 18th dynasty period (1540-1292 BC) capital in the Valley of the Kings near Thebes tombs carved into the rock began to bury their room.

Once upon a time many pyramids along the Nile's west coast were located. They have been made during the Old and Middle Kingdom and the Egyptians worshiped the sun god, Ra and start embalming their dead is believed to be a relationship between. The ancient Egyptians, preserving a dead person's body, offering her food and drinks thought they could ensure life after death. Therefore their dead, they bury along with the goods they need in the afterlife, they draw pictures and write on the walls of their tombs with inscriptions show the dead were to be protected from hazards they may encounter.

Monumental tombs of Egyptian pyramids on earth are the oldest and largest. The most majestic exterior of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the "World's First Wonder" was not entitled to the nature.

location; In Memphis, the ancient city of Giza, near Cairo, the Egyptian capital today in the west of the River Nile in Giza Plateau.

History; The general consensus of the three Giza pyramids is that the 7 Wonders covered, but indicated the pyramid, the second emperor of the kingdom's fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu's, according to scientific evidence to 2560't BC as a tomb monument is the Great Pyramid was built. Traditionally, the construction of the pyramids in ancient Egypt a "platform-mastaba" is the product of a culture is done for the royal. Later, numerous masonry mastaba was made. The best example of the first pyramid of King Djoser by the famous architect Imhotep is made on behalf of Sakkara pyramids.

Identification; Which is slightly smaller near the Great Pyramid of Giza and Mikorinos Kefren are pyramids. Also, inside the princess and mummy of Pharaoh's closest aides of the pyramid where there are five. , Also called the Great Pyramid of Cheops Pyramid, is the tomb of Cheops. The second largest pyramid of Cheops, and after she died, the sister of Pharaoh, which belongs to Kefren. BC is a small pyramid 2500 years of Menkaure is prevailing in. Great Pyramid, was 145.75 meters tall but now has lost 10 meters is being considered. It was the tallest structure in the world for 43 centuries, but it could be passed in the 19th century. Surface was covered with a soft, flattened stone, the remains are still visible.

The slope is 54 degrees 54 minutes. Four sides of the base when fully measured and determined direction is flawless. The base edge is obtained by combining a substantially square, each side of the side length 229 m and a maximum error rate of 0.1% is not even, surprisingly. Pyramid, each weighing several tons, which is believed to have made two million stone blocks. If the three pyramid stones stacked side by side, to surround the whole of France at the height of 3 meters and 30.48 centimeters thick can be a wall. Great pyramid in Rome, St.Peter, Florence Milanov, London Westminster and St. Paul cathedral in all of the covers are put side by side will fill their place.

The interior of the pyramid in the middle of the hill, 100 meters below and 40 meters above the floor of the room has a pharaoh. Pharaoh's treasures and personal belongings have been put into this room. Room 10.5 meters long, 5 meters wide and 6 meters high. Here are entered from a 50-meter corridor. There are two rooms, one of which belongs to the queen. Now with new theories are being developed for the pyramid; An astronomical observatory, a private faith temple to the unknown is a very old civilization of his geometry, extraterrestrial creatures made by the special purpose somewhere ... Either way, today a giant pyramid and the next two similar, at first glance after death toward life will be held as a symbol of mystical journey and memories on the west bank of the Nile are standing mystery of clouds.

Pyramids, all the valuable works of art in the unique qualities; king, queen, prince sculptures hiding in the interior and are made to keep this unique treasure.
The length of the bottom edge of the pyramid of Khafre 216 m, height is 143 m.
66 m long in the name Mikorinos length of the edges of the pyramid base was 109 m.
"People are afraid of the time, the time of the pyramids ..."

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)- 1

Masterpieces created by nature
No matter how sophisticated and skilled not seem to works by contemporary artists, sculptors and architects, they will never surpass the creation of nature. The picture can not convey all the shades of color of plants and minerals, sculpture fails to accurately show expression eyes beautiful, and even the world's largest architectural monuments can not compete for the grandeur and majesty of incredibly beautiful caves and high mountains. Here are some masterpieces that amaze.

1 Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
This amazing natural creations located in upstate befits Navajo - to get there, you need to pay a fee for the Indians pass on their territory and hire a guide.

Antelope Canyon was formed many millions of years as a result of red sandstone erosion by water and wind. Having been there say that the light plays on the sandy canyon walls, it looks incredibly beautiful.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

2. Giants road or trail giants, north-east coast of Ireland
Hard to believe, but the path of giants came into being without human intervention - a product of rapid cooling of lava, which triskayuchys, formed basalt columns, which in cross section are almost perfect hexahedron. Subsidence over time, the breed evolved into columns, which now has more than 40 thousand.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

The ancient Celts believed that the poles into the ground vkolotyv giant Finn McCool, built when the road to the Hebrides to fight the giant, who lived on them, but this time noticed a threat and destroyed most of the way across the Strait, leaving only its beginning. Now incredible natural formation on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

3 Large Prismatic source Yelloustonskyy National Park, USA
The largest hot spring in the United States, it is a bird's eye is shaped like a heart. Incredible colors Coast waters due to the vital activity of pigmented bacteria. Microorganisms can be a variety of colors - from bright red to rich green - depending on the ratio of chlorophyll and carotenoids contained in them. Incidentally, it is interesting that in the center of the source water is completely sterile due to high temperatures.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

4 Pamukkale, Denizli Province, Turkey
The name of this striking natural object is translated from Turkish means "Cotton Castle". Located in a terrace of limestone reservoir walls (called travertine) emerged from the salt deposits from hot springs, rich in minerals.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

Many tourists, despite the ban, immersed in nature's "jacuzzi", the depth of which does not exceed one meter. Currently, at the foot of the terrace is building special pools for swimming, to restrict the flow of visitors, causing extremely fragile travertine significant damage.

5 Socotra Island, Yemen
Island, or rather, a whole archipelago of four islands - a wonderful creation of nature, Socotra is known primarily for its unusual vegetation. One of the most famous attractions of the island is a dracaena vermilion-red (Lat. Dracaena cinnabari) - a tree that grows only in these places, as well as sokotrynska Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum), it is sometimes called "bottle tree".  Overall, about 37% of plant species growing on Socotra, not found anywhere else.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

6 river Cagnes-Kristales, Colombia
Locals often call it "the river of five colors" because water Cagnes-Kristales can be red, blue, yellow, black or green depending on the color of algae Macarenia clavigera, which is rapidly growing in the interval between the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the drought . As a rule, the red hue, but in some places the river plays a rainbow through the intricate mixture of different flows.
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

7 Lechuhiya Cave, New Mexico, USA
The existence of this incomparable masterpiece comparable natural architecture people learned only in 1986 year. By this Lechuhiya was a well depth of 25 meters and the system moves a total length of approximately 120 meters, where at the beginning of XX-th century, caught bat droppings, which was used as a nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

Cavers that well explored in the 1950s, heard wind noise that was heard under the rubble at the bottom of the cave, but permit excavation was obtained only in 1984, and in 1986 was broken in uncharted passage of the cave, which was awarded the decoration karlsbadskoho national Park.

Walls Lechuhiyi composed of many different minerals, and the length of the cave is about 210 miles - so it fifth among the famous people of the longest caves in the world. There are many unique mineralogical formations such as gypsum chandeliers of about six meters, which attracts many tourists from around the world.


14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos) -2

 Masterpieces created by nature
No matter how sophisticated and skilled not seem to works by contemporary artists, sculptors and architects, they will never surpass the creation of nature. The picture can not convey all the shades of color of plants and minerals, sculpture fails to accurately show expression eyes beautiful, and even the world's largest architectural monuments can not compete for the grandeur and majesty of incredibly beautiful caves and high mountains. Here are some masterpieces that amaze.

 8 Chocolate Hills, Bohol Province, Republic of Philippines
A work of art is a geological huge number of hills covered with vegetation, which during the dry season becomes brown - which is why natural hill got its name. On the territory of about 50 square kilometers located, according to various estimates, from 1260-1776-you to you hills.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)

Locals associated with the appearance of The Chocolate Hills two giants long ago came here in the battle - Giants threw at each other huge boulders, and when reconciled, no one could remove the "clutter." According to scientists, the hills rise resulting from coral deposits under the influence of water and wind erosion.

9 Mono Lake, California, USA
Coast salt pond like a fantastic city, created at the whim of a madman architect, but all towers and palaces purpose of this "architectural ensemble" came into being as a result of chemical reactions between calcium contained in the waters of the hot springs, lakes and mineral salts.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)

However, people still had a hand in the emergence of the "city": tower used to be the bottom of the lake and become visible only after selection through Mono shallow water of the rivers that feed it. Water is exhausted from the late 1920s to the mid 1990s as part of the program to ensure its Los Angeles, bringing to 1994 the level of Mono fell about 15 meters.

10 Wave, Coyote Buttes slope, the border of Arizona and Utah, United States
Arcuate depression called Wave is located on one of the slopes Canyon Vermylyona. One of the most amazing places on the planet was formed as a result of erosion of red sandstone. The fruit of joint work of two natural Architects - water and wind can compete in beauty with the best creations of man.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)

Number of visitors of this unique geological phenomenon, which began to form over 200 million years ago, strictly limited by the fragility of diverse species are tickets which entitle to enjoy the indescribable spectacle, distributed via lottery.

11 fireflies Vaytomo Caves, New Zealand
World famous limestone caves yielded fungal gnats type Arachnocampa luminosa, which are found only in New Zealand. Insects are very bright glow in the dark cave that turns into something fantastic unearthly. Everywhere flowing soft blue-green glow that is reflected in an underground river (translated from the Maori language "wai" means "water" and "Tomo" -. "Hole funnel"), which creates the impression that you are right the middle of the Milky Way.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

12 Rock Ulin'yuan National Forest Park Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China
Huge pillars of quartz and sandstone similar to the trunks of giant trees. These rocks were the prototype of the famous flying mountains of the feature film "Avatar." By the way, one of the peaks in the park Chzhanzyantsze height of about 1079 meters, which was named "South of Heaven column" after the phenomenal success of James Cameron's picture renamed "Avatar Hallelujah."

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts

13 Crystal Cave, State of Chihuahua, Mexico
Crystal Cave was discovered in 2000 by brothers Juan and Pedro Sanchez, co-workers shahtovoho set of Nike, lay new tunnel. The unique natural monument Mexican state of Chihuahua is unlike anything in the world because of the huge crystals of selenite (gypsum kind). The largest one is 11 meters long and 4 meters in cross section, and its weight is 55 tons. Given the rate of crystal growth, we can assume that the "interior" of the cave was formed millions of years.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)

The cave is very hot (up to + 58 ° C), and humidity ranges from 90-100%, so even with special equipment to stay in a cave more than 20 minutes is very difficult.

14 Canyon Bryce, Utah, USA
It is easy to see why Indians payyuta that once inhabited these places, Bryce Canyon was considered the abode of spirits - the geological formation known as lean, resembles human figures. The Indians believed that this ancient giants which God deception Coyote turned to stone statues. It is more plausible scientific explanation is the appearance of bizarre giants - soft sediment erosion caused by water, wind and ice.

14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)
14 Natural Unique LandscapesTthat Look Like Works Of Arts (26 Photos)

Strictly speaking, it is not even completely canyon, and a sort of natural amphitheater filled with huge "spectators" and "actors" of sandstone. They say people in the know, especially a beautiful canyon in the rays of the rising sun or at sunset, when skinny played all shades of orange and pink, to which, perhaps, expected Coyote when creating this unique place.


Amazing Of Petra Architecture And The Main Attraction Of Jordan (11 photos)

Lost between the rocky mountains and deserts, many centuries it remained a mystery, the legend, the builder "no". Petra is the main attraction of Jordan, the city is credited to the wonders of the world.

The origins of the city taking in ancient times, when there began to appear the first housing - caves carved into the soft sandstone, which consists of the surrounding rock. Gradually, the city is full of people - it always comes up the water, and, besides, it is perfectly protected through a narrow corridor, which serves as the entrance to the city. At the beginning of the 3rd century BC Petra is a powerful and wealthy city that stands at the crossroads of trade routes.

Gradually, the town was built and expanded, it turns out that all new buildings - the amphitheater, temples, magnificent tombs of the kings, the governor of Rome, the houses decorated with porticos and columns, fountains, swimming pools. So, all this pomp vyrubuvalasya on the rocks that made Peter one of the largest monolithic structure in the world.

Over time, Petra has lost its meaning, neglected and forgotten, to be one of the many lost towns. Only in 1812 the first European to get into this legendary city, once again opened his world.

Practical information about Egypt

Egypt is a popular holiday destination, located in the northeast of Africa. The country lies on the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and across the country are two important waterways. First is the Nile River, which in fact constitutes an amalgamation of the Blue Nile, which originates in Ethiopia and the White Nile which comes from Lake Victoria. The Nile flows north through Egypt and branched at last in the Nile Delta. The river is an important lifeline for Egypt that the water of the river is able to do in a country outside of the basin of the Nile especially dry desert landscape dominates the horizon. On land and arable Another important waterway is the man-made Suez Canal. This 163 kilometer long canal that connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea with one another is a major transit route for ships. Every year, thousands of ships sail through this channel, a trip which lasts on average more than half a day.

Egypt is a popular destination of tourists who mainly come to witness the rich history and the resulting landmarks such as pyramids, temples, mummies and the many treasures owned former rulers of Egypt. Another treasure where many tourists come down on the Red Sea, where coral and beautiful fish make sure that the resorts on the Red Sea are very popular among divers and snorkelers. The warm and sunny climate has ensured that sunbathers not so much the underwater world have been flocking to see the luxury hotels and resorts in Egypt know to find.

Travel to Egypt
By far the most common way to travel to Egypt is by plane. From the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany there are several flight connections with several airports in Egypt. Some tourists reached Egypt by boat as part of a cruise, usually via the northern ports of Alexandria and Port Said. Rail travel to Egypt, you can forget that there are no trains from the Netherlands to Egypt. Also with the car is almost not do it, because ferries are missing and almost none do by bureaucracy and rules, the route via land.

Egypt has a large number of hotels, which tend to be concentrated around the Nile and the Red Sea. Along the Mediterranean is a relatively low concentration of hotel beds. Quite a lot of hotels that are offered are in the middle and in the upper segment. Especially in the resorts along the Red Sea, you'll mostly luxury and large-scale hotels and resorts found mainly in the highest five-star category. However, keep in mind that star ratings are based on facilities no hotel and says nothing about the quality. A five-star hotel in Egypt is not always comparable to similar hotels in Europe.

Travel in Egypt
If you do not pull a organized trip through Egypt then you can choose from several options to get around. Within cities, you should opt for a taxi. These are readily available and inexpensive, if you pre-clear are dating a good price. For longer journeys, you can also use a taxi. For some routes you because of security (and from Luxor for example) or to better choose long distance for a domestic flight with a plane. Another option is a (superjet) bus, which among other things runs between Cairo and other major cities in Egypt. The rail network is not as extensive, but fine to do on some routes do and inexpensive, such as between capital Cairo and Alexandria.

Customs & Documents
Dutch need a minimum of six months validity upon arrival in Egypt a passport. For holders of a Dutch passport, there is also a visa. The visa you can pre-arrange, but even buy such as the Cairo airport in the exchange offices just before passport control.

Travel season & Climate
Egypt has a hot desert climate with very mild winters and warm to hot summers. The amounts of precipitation are limited to nil; Most rain falls in the north, along the Mediterranean coast and in the Nile Delta. When it rains it will be especially in the winter months, from April to October, rain is a rarity in Egypt. However, abundant sunshine, because Egypt is one of the sunniest countries in the world. Especially in the summer months, weeks can go by without a cloud in the sky.
For beach holidays on the Red Sea, you can pretty much enjoyed all year round, although it can be in the summer and on the fresh side can be to lie on the beach. 'Winter very hot here Who is most common sights to Egypt who is best between October and May trips.
In the climate of Egypt, you can read detailed climate information, including detailed climate tables for Egypt and a number of Egyptian destinations.
On the Egyptian solar calendar, you can see exactly what each month the best months for a sunny holiday to Egypt.

Egypt is the Egyptian pound as currency. The exchange rate against the euro fluctuates quite a lot. Who wants to withdraw money from a large number of ATMs right, especially in major cities and tourist places. Large luxury hotels are also frequently an ATM in the lobby.
With a credit card you can pay well in the better shops, hotels and restaurants in the rule.

Tipping is more than desired in Egypt. Some Egyptians live on tips, which mainly come from foreign tourists. Giving a tip is therefore actually more than obvious, it is for some, the only way to survive in a country where wealth is not obvious. What you'll make that a kind of dichotomy in terms of tipping it in Egypt: some gratefully accept a tip given and some try sadly bare pick if given the chance and ask themselves emphatically (by local standards) sometimes very high gratuities.
Is common in the hospitality industry for 5 to 10% over the bill, chambermaids a few pounds per day, porters five to ten pounds per suitcase and a guide than a few dozen pounds. Taxi drivers give you the agreed amount, in case you are on the meter goes round that up.

Time Difference
Between Egypt and the Netherlands, there is a one hour time difference if it is in our winter. It is in Egypt, one hour later.
Because Egypt since 2011 has no summertime lake and the clock one hour is put forward with us during the summer, our time is equal to that of Egypt as it is in our summer time.

National holidays:
January 1 - New Year's Day
April 25 - liberation of Sinai
June 18 - day of the retreat of the British troops
July 23 - day of the 1952 revolution
October 6 - day of crossing the Suez Canal during October War
Variable holidays (national):
In addition to standard holidays Egypt has several religious holidays. The Muslims include Ramadan, Eid and Feast of Sacrifice, which falls on different dates. The Coptic Church celebrates Christmas (data other than our Christmas), Easter and the spring festival.

The official language is Arabic. English is spoken quite limited. Do not expect that every taxi driver speaks English. It is therefore wise to your destination of one day in advance by the hotel on a piece of paper to be written in Arabic and English. Than you know what destination you must face

To see how the departure-to-date situation with respect to inoculations. Some vaccinations are not required, are still recommended such as hepatitis-A.
The tap water is of poor quality and not suitable for drinking. The use of bottled mineral water is highly recommended, even to flush when brushing the mouth. Also, eating raw vegetables, unpeeled fruit and ice-cream is not recommended. In drinks you can make ice cubes the best back roads, as they may be water which bacteria can sit which can cause diarrhea made.

Currently there are no vaccinations are required unless you are coming from a yellow fever area. For the most current situation, it is best to consult the website of the National Coordination Centre for Travellers Health (LCR).

Phone & Mobile
The prefix for Egypt 0020
The dial number for the Netherlands from Egypt 0031 (+31)
Mobile calls in Egypt with all Dutch GSM providers as possible. The coverage is outside the major cities, tourist areas and major routes very limited. Large parts of Egypt (desert areas) have no coverage of the mobile network.

Egypt has to do with so-called C type sockets, in which most of the Dutch plugs in just pass. You may have a problem if you do not have a flat plug or round plug with notches, but a complete round plug. In that case, you may need an adapter.

- The sun is bright common in the summer months. An anti high factor sun cream is a must.
- Beware of pickpockets, especially in large cities were sometimes active sea
- Movement in Egypt is sometimes chaotic and often unsafe. Self-driving is not recommended and who drive with somebody would be wise to wear a seatbelt
For the most up to date travel advice for the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- Photographing military installations, bridges and the Suez Canal is prohibited
- Topless or totally nude sunbathing is absolutely not allowed
- Touts trying to get back where they get commission on your purchases with all kinds of excuses stores. Do not fall.
- If you agree a price, pay it in advance as possible. This will prevent the person providing the service afterwards saying it was a different price ("price was per person, not two" etc.)
- Calls to the mobile phone to the Netherlands can be very expensive. That sometimes tempted to call. A hotel phone Inquire clear for the price before you call, as often is even more expensive
- On the possession and use of all types of drugs are severe penalties
- Many papyrus offered is fake (eg banana leaves.)
- Give anything to beggars, how pitiful they sometimes look. Often they are part of beggars gangs.
- Some museums charge a fee for bringing a camera or visiting a separate part of a museum
- Haggling at a bazaar is a must if you do not want to be deposed. Eventually you should have about half the original asking price paid
- Visit a mosque can (when appropriate dressed) just outside of the muezzin
- Dressed to go bare in Egypt 'not done'

Tips (see & do)
- The Nile Cruise is not comparable to a romantic luxury Caribbean cruise, but a unique experience
- Egypt offers plenty of opportunities to attend the traditional belly dance with
- In Cairo, you can dine on the Nile with a beautiful view over the Nile and the skyline of Cairo
- Diving enthusiasts we do not need to tell you that the Red Sea is one of the best diving destinations in the world
- The Egyptian National Museum in Cairo offers a large collection of antiquities and archaeological treasures
- Abu Simbel, the great temple of Ramses II, one of the most beautiful sights of Egypt
- Alexandria is a city with a Mediterranean center that would not look out of place in Europe. Visit at least Fort Qiat Bey, the eastern harbor of Alexandria
- Set sail on a felucca in Aswan. Greatest moment is around sunset, as the sky opkleurt bright red
- Mathaf el Nuba called Nubiëmuseum located on a hill in Aswan. According to some sources, the finest museum in Egypt
- The Phileatempel south of Aswan
- The Cairo tower (Burj Cairo) offers beautiful views over the capital of Egypt. In clear weather and little smog you see the pyramids on the outskirts of the city are
- Giza is the place where a huge collection of pyramids state. In Giza (Gizeh) find the pyramid of Cheops, the pyramid and the pyramid of Mycerinus Chepren together with the world famous Sphinx underpinned the main attraction of Cairo
- Luxor you can find several sites such as the Temple of Karnak, the Mummy Museum and Luxor Temple
- Although Sharm el Sheikh nowadays especially the scene of large hotels and all inclusive vacations this place unlike say Hurghada have an authentic and cozy center
- Across the country there are beautiful mosques such as Al-Azhar Mosque and Mskee of Ibn Tulun in Cairo
- The Greek Orthodox Catherine's Monastery is the place where God would be used in a burning bush appeared to Moses. Now represent this monastery and the nearby Mount Moses with a phenomenal view two important tourist attractions